Your foremost anti-hate, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist group in the Pacific Northwest.

About Us

Our Mission

Promote a human diversity and ecological consciousness in the Pacific Northwest, also called Cascadia, and resist the increasingly tyrannical and bigoted systems of oppression under the US empire.

Encourage diversity by investing in community and revealing the diverse history that is the cultural landscape of Cascadia.

To create resistance to hate culture. Hate culture is pervasive as a legacy from dominant culture which manifests as imperialism, racism, misogyny and other bigotries. Hate culture is a byproduct of colonialism. We seek to create resistance culture that builds from the diversity of the mixed cultures that are part of the Cascadian cultural landscape.

Cascadia Antifa seeks multicultural networking and to share resistance against the growing number of bigots that seek to undermine our shared values and bring forth their warped vision to the world. Join us in our common struggle to wipe out racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

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